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We offer a great place for nudists to enjoy networking in a safe, non pornographic environment. Think of this as a family nudist resort online. Follow the same rules and we'll get along great.Ā 

The Rules: 1. You have to be over 13 years of age (this is a COPPA act compliant social site). 2. No pornography, (in keeping with the ruling of US supreme court case 355 U.S. 372 [1958] we believe that nonsexual nude depictions of any age are ok within a simple nudist context, and will stick to the old adage; "nudity without more"). 3. No harassment of any kind (especially with regards to our minor guests). Harassment should be reported immediately (and a screenshot taken for evidence) to a host. Members found or believed to be willfully violating the above rules may be permanently banned from this network at the discretion of the hosts.

Please give your age, gender and location when signing up so that we know who we're letting in.Ā